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Tron Instant Faucets

The best list of Tron (TRX) faucets. Only instant faucets that don't require registration. Updated frequently with the newest and highest paying ones. To claim, you need to have FaucetPay account.

#Faucet nameCoinTrustClaim value
1FreeTRX - 2000000 sat - NO TIMER TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
2Instant TRX TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
3Free TRX Faucet TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
4Get 1500000 sat TRX TRX✔️✔️✔️
5Get 1200000 sat TRX TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
6claimtron every 2 minutes TRX✔️✔️✔️
7xFaucet TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
8🆕 FREE TRON TRX✔️✔️✔️
9Claim Free TRX TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
11Free-Tron 0.02 per claim! TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
12Hasit's Tron (TRX) Faucet TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
13A-Crypto TRX TRX✔️✔️⭐⭐
14Loticon TRX TRX✔️✔️✔️
15Harena TRX✔️✔️
16🆕 Cryptofans Network - TRX TRX✔️✔️
17🆕 ClaimRo TRX TRX✔️✔️
18CryptoBest TRX✔️✔️⭐⭐
19Konstantinova TRX✔️✔️
20Loticon.xyz TRX TRX✔️✔️
231 MINUTE TRX - FaucetUNO.com TRX✔️✔️⭐⭐
24Diamond Faucet / Free Coins TRX✔️✔️
25Hera Faucet / Free Crypto TRX✔️✔️
26Tron Faucet (.top) TRX✔️✔️
2711BITZ - TRX TRX✔️✔️
28Coin Tron TRX✔️✔️
29tronclaimx TRX✔️✔️
30ncBits.com-TRX TRX✔️✔️
31ForthTrade.Com TRON Miner TRX✔️✔️✔️
32Tron best faucet TRX✔️✔️
33TRON 50 CAPTCHA (250K per Claim) TRX✔️✔️
34Tron King max pro TRX✔️✔️
35Mine TRX TRX✔️✔️
37ClaimFast.cf CLAIM YOUR FREE TRX TRX✔️✔️
38TronStar TRX✔️
39FoodyDoge.tk TRX Faucet TRX✔️

Trust - the more payments received from the faucet the more trust "ticks" it gets (up to three).
Claim value - how much the faucet is paying per claim. The stars are assigned after converting the average claim value to a common currency (e.g. USD). Therefore it is useful in comparing faucets that are paying in different coins.
🆕 - new faucet, created in the past 7 days.
"default" order - by default faucets are ordered by their earning potential, which is how much can you actually earn with it. How is it different from the "claim value"? Some faucets have high claim value, but they do not allow many claims per day, so their earning potential may be low. On the other hand, some faucets may have relatively low claim value, but allowing a lot of claims per day makes them actually very profitable for their users.

Need more faucets?

This website is focused only on tested FaucetPay faucets that don't require signing up. I have received payments from every single one of them in the past 24 hours. If you however want to explore other faucets by yourself, check FaucetMonitor.com or its subpage with Tron faucets. Faucet Monitor has detailed information on about 2000 different faucets.

Why this faucet list is the best in the world?

My goal was to make a perfect Bitcoin and altcoins faucet list, that I would happily use by myself. I was tired of outdated lists full of crappy ads. Here is why this faucet list is the best:

  1. Only faucets that don't require registration. Earn cryptocurrency quickly and easily.
  2. Only paying faucets. No payment in the last 24 hours? The faucet is removed!
  3. It is automatically updated. Come back often for new faucets.
  4. It is clean and easy to use. No annoying ads. No malware.

But wait, there is more! You can earn additional income by sharing FaucetList.top with others.

Promote FaucetList.top and earn more

Do you like this website? Share it with your friends and earn more from referral commissions. Just use this link:


How it works? Your Bitcoin address will be added to faucets listed here, so that you earn commission from every visitor that decides to use these faucets. The commissions are paid by the faucets, directly to your FP account.

Your referral link will be used in 50% of the links to faucets, chosen randomly. The other 50% of links will be my referral links, to cover the cost of this website (hosting, programming, updating, etc.).

Why should you promote FaucetList.top instead of creating your own website? There are several good reasons:


Faucet owners

Are you a faucet owner and want your faucet to be listed here? It is very easy. Here is how it works:

  1. You faucet needs to be sending payments using FaucetPay.
  2. Once it starts sending payments to users, it is going to be detected and listed on FaucetMonitor.com.
  3. Once it start sending payments to me (e.g. referral commisions) it will get listed on this website.

The whole discovery proccess is fully automated, so you don't even need to contact me (but feel free to do so, if you have any questions!).


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