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Welcome to my list of FaucetPay faucets. This list is updated frequently and shows only the best faucets that you can use without registration. Start getting free crypto or scroll down to check why this is the best faucet list in the world.

#Faucet nameCoinTrustClaim value
1Solana Faucet Per Claim $ 0.0025 SOL✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
2🆕 CLAIM 550 BNB EVERY 5 Minutes BNB✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
3Safbits BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
4🆕 Free Litecon Faucet LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
5Claim 1500 SOL every 1 min SOL✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
6FaucetPOT.me BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
7🆕 faucet-dgb DGB✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
8Get 1.45$ sat TRX per 1000 TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
9🆕 FREE TRX TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
10rich-nuts.com/ethereum-forest ETH✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
1111BITZ - BNB BNB✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
12🆕 FreeSolana.top Faucet SOL✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
13LTC King - Earn A lot ($0.0013) LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
14🆕 Free TRON Faucet TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
15Bitcoinfaucet.network BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
16PureBTC - USDT Faucet USDT✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
17🆕 INDO LTC LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
1811BITZ - DOGE DOGE✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
19Coin Diversity SOL✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
20Claim btc every minute BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
21Faucet solana claim 1600 Solana SOL✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
22DigiTask DOGE✔️✔️✔️
2311BITZ - LTC LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
24Get 1.45$ sat LTC per 1000 LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
25ClaimClicks BTC BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
26Satoshi4Fun BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
2711BITZ - USDT USDT✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
28Faucet Hunter TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
29Get 1.45$ sat BCH per 1000 BCH✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
30Earnalot.xyz - Earn $0.0015 &amp LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
31Coin Diversity DOGE✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
32Coin Diversity ETH✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
33Coin Diversity TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
3411BITZ - TRX TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
35Claimcoins.net LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
36Tur Poor Coin DOGE✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
37Get 1.52$ sat TRX per 1000 TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
38ClaimLTC LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
39PtichkaRus Faucet LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
40Crypto Directories BTC Faucet BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
41Claimclicks DOGE DOGE✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
42crazyfaucet LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
43Get 1.45$ sat DASH per 1000 DASH✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
44Coin Diversity BNB✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
45Unlimited LTC Faucet LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
46FreeCoiny Doge -1 minute DOGE✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
49BTC-faucet Inet-Money.Club BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
50PAYOU.win LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
51🆕 FaucetPoint BTC BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
52Freecoiny LTC claim - 1 minute LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
53Freecoiny TRX --1 minute TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
54🆕 winefaucet BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
55Coin Diversity BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
56FreeCoiny DGB -1 minute DGB✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
57Coin Diversity DASH✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
58ClaimTokens TRX✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
59https://faucetwise.com/ BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
60Only1024.com Faucet BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
61FreeDoge - NO TIMER - 0.006 Doge DOGE✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
62Rivayz BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
63🆕 Faucet Take clicks BTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
64🆕 PureBTC - SOL Faucet SOL✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
66Hasit's Tron (TRX) Faucet TRX✔️✔️⭐⭐
67BTC 25 Payout BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
68Coinfaucet.network BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
69Free-USDT.xyz USDT✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
70ClaimLiteco.in - LTC Faucet LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
71Eth Faucet (1 minute) ETH✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
72Jobklic Solana Faucet SOL✔️✔️✔️
73coinclaimer LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
74🆕 FaucetPoint DOGE DOGE✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
75🆕 FaucetPoint USDT USDT✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
76USDT-hunter TRX✔️✔️⭐⭐
77BinanceCoin.Win BNB✔️✔️✔️
78Noerown 100 sats every 2 minutes BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
79keran BNB | Big Reward BNB✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
80Coin Diversity DGB✔️✔️⭐⭐
81ZEC Faucet ZEC✔️✔️✔️
82🆕 theautofaucet.xyz(MULTICURRENCY) USDT✔️✔️⭐⭐⭐
83🆕 Binance Xpress BNB✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
84coins.wikimint.com USDT✔️✔️⭐⭐
85ClaimClicks LTC LTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
86Bono Satoshi Gratis BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
87FreeUSDT USDT✔️✔️✔️
88🆕 BNB No Shortlink BNB✔️✔️✔️
89🆕 FaucetPoint SOL SOL✔️✔️✔️
90Get Free Coin - LTC LTC✔️✔️✔️
91coins98.com BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
92BTC FREE BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
93🆕 FaucetPoint LTC LTC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
94🆕 FaucetPoint TRX TRX✔️✔️✔️
95lenubgv - BTC BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
96🆕 PureBTC - BNB Faucet BNB✔️✔️✔️
97crypto target ZEC✔️✔️✔️⭐⭐
98Simplifaucet - Highest paying LTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
99Claim4Free -Claim up to 1000 SOL SOL✔️✔️✔️
100GrabTRX Faucet (High Paying) TRX✔️✔️✔️
101FaucetBR - BCH BCH✔️✔️✔️
102OneBitco BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
103btccolletor BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
104AwayGive.site BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
105Get 1.45$ sat SOL per 1000 SOL✔️✔️✔️
107DOGE-faucet Inet-Money.Club DOGE✔️✔️⭐⭐
108ClaimClicks TRX TRX✔️✔️⭐⭐
109GR8 Faucet Demo BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
110Claim4Free -Claim up 50 Satoshi BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
111CoinClaim BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
112Free BCH BCH✔️✔️✔️
113crypto target ETH✔️✔️⭐⭐
114🆕 Tron-Earn.com - Claim Free TRX TRX✔️✔️
115Crypto Directories ETH Faucet ETH✔️✔️⭐⭐
116LiteEarn - Best LTC Faucet LTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
117Diamond Faucet / Free Coins USDT✔️✔️✔️
118*** Zica Faucet *** NEW LTC✔️✔️
119crypto target USDT✔️✔️⭐⭐
120Bitcoinisok BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
122claimbtc.biz BTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
123Auto Earn Coin TRX✔️✔️
124Diamond Faucet / Free Coins ZEC✔️✔️✔️
125Cashback service LTC✔️✔️
126Keran TRX 50% COMMISSION TRX✔️✔️⭐⭐
127GetSOLANA SOL✔️✔️
128BNB Faucet (.top) BNB✔️✔️
129crypto target DOGE✔️✔️⭐⭐
130Claim LTC every 0 minutes LTC✔️✔️✔️
131dash.vnvo.net DASH✔️✔️✔️
132zcash-Tron target ZEC✔️✔️
133crypto target FEY✔️✔️⭐⭐
135Free DogeCoin DOGE✔️✔️✔️
136Earn TRX TRX✔️✔️⭐⭐
137RuSSiA COiN - Faucet DOGE✔️✔️✔️
138🆕 Play Go Token Instant LTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
139NoTimerFaucet Claim every 0 sec DOGE✔️✔️
140Diamond Faucet / Free Coins BCH✔️✔️
141Needbux LTC✔️✔️
142Claimfreecoins.xyz LTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
143Trx gain TRX✔️✔️
144Btcxup.com BCH✔️✔️
145crypto target SOL✔️✔️
146claimeth ETH✔️✔️
147ETH Faucet (.top) ETH✔️✔️
148LTC free faucet 100000 LTC LTC✔️✔️⭐⭐
149Mega Ethereum ETH✔️✔️
150🆕 Litecoin Faucet Claim $0.0020 LTC✔️✔️
151MyFaucetHub Best Eth Faucet ETH✔️✔️
152Diamond Faucet / Free Coins ETH✔️✔️
153Indian DGB Faucet DGB✔️✔️
154instantdoge.xyz DOGE✔️✔️⭐⭐
155Tron Faucet (.top) TRX✔️✔️
156keran LTC LTC✔️✔️
157Konstantinova BCH✔️✔️
158LTC Faucet (.top) LTC✔️✔️
159ForthTrade.Com TRON Miner TRX✔️✔️✔️
160Dogecoin Faucet - Hot DOGE✔️✔️
161🆕 Faucet rush TRX✔️✔️
162Ltc gain LTC✔️✔️
163Fastcoin - LTC LTC✔️✔️✔️
164Konstantinova DASH✔️✔️
165DropCoins - ZEC ZEC✔️✔️✔️
166Binance faucet NaMaidani BNB✔️✔️
167Faucetltc LTC✔️✔️
168claim free sol no links 1 min SOL✔️✔️✔️
170600 Zecash ZEC✔️✔️
171Ezcoin - NoTimer UNLIMITED Claim DOGE✔️✔️
172Earn Free Bitcion Cash BCH✔️✔️
173SeCoin - NoTimer UNLIMITED Claim SOL✔️✔️✔️
174Hera Faucet / Free Crypto ETH✔️✔️
175Satoshi DOGE Gratis DOGE✔️✔️
176usdt.gq - instant Faucet USDT✔️✔️
177Keibow Faucet ETH fp ETH✔️✔️
178🆕 DOGE FAUCET 5 minutes DOGE✔️✔️
180Crypto Directories LTC Faucet LTC✔️✔️
181faucet crip trx TRX✔️✔️
182FaucetBR - DOGE DOGE✔️✔️✔️
183Dogecoin Faucet (.top) DOGE✔️✔️
184- - - THE CRYPTO BILLIONS - - - DOGE✔️✔️
185IS2BTC - DGB DGB✔️✔️✔️
186Doge faucet - cryptoo.site DOGE✔️✔️
187Dripping.website - BCH /No Login BCH✔️✔️
188Free Feyorra Faucet FEY✔️✔️
189Konstantinova TRX✔️✔️
190Cryptoclaps.com - LTC faucet LTC✔️✔️
191Pay Free TRX TRX✔️✔️
192HanzouCrypto-LTC LTC✔️✔️
193RaPCrypto SOL SOL✔️✔️
194Free TronCoin TRX✔️✔️
195Unlimited No timer Doge Faucet DOGE✔️✔️
196FaucetBR - DASH DASH✔️✔️
197DogPay Faucet — Win many Doges!! DOGE✔️✔️
198🆕 TOP Faucet DOGE✔️✔️
199Crypto Directories DOGE Faucet DOGE✔️✔️
200Unlimited Free TRX TRX✔️✔️
201Tronclaimer TRX✔️✔️
202rapid-litoshi LTC✔️✔️
203faucethub.tech BNB BNB✔️✔️
204Instant Reward TRX✔️✔️
205TRX King TRX✔️✔️
206FreeCoin.in.ua DOGE✔️✔️
207lion-faucet TRX TRX✔️✔️
208Paid to Tron TRX✔️✔️
209Earn Free Tron TRX✔️✔️
210AHGUIAL | All Coin FEY✔️✔️✔️
211Keibow Faucet BNB fp BNB✔️✔️
212DOGE BLiTz DOGE✔️✔️
213Trxclaim.com | Free Tron Coins TRX✔️✔️
214AHGUIAL | All Coin DGB✔️✔️✔️
215AHGUIAL | All Coin TRX✔️✔️✔️
216Keibow Faucet ZEC fp ZEC✔️✔️
217Free Faucet For You DOGE✔️✔️
218Free dgb faucet DGB✔️✔️
219fey.pdisk.link FEY✔️✔️
220CLAIM YOUR FREE TRX - 7rif.tech TRX✔️✔️
221CryptoTime Faucet DOGE✔️✔️
222faucetco DOGE✔️✔️
223Keibow Faucet USDT fp USDT✔️✔️
224100BTC BTC✔️⭐⭐⭐
226zcash-Tron target TRX✔️⭐⭐
227Free-Tron 0.02 per claim! TRX✔️⭐⭐
228zcash-Tron target LTC✔️⭐⭐
229Digibyte DGB✔️⭐⭐
230Earn Free Litecoin LTC✔️⭐⭐
232💰 faucethub.tech 💰 TRX TRX✔️
233LTC faucet - cryptoo.site LTC✔️
234xFaucetCrypto DOGE✔️
235🆕 FaucetClaims.xyz - LTC LTC✔️
236Freebtc TRX✔️
237Faucet in a Box Litecoin LTC✔️
238600 LTC LTC✔️
239CoinsPay TRX TRX✔️

Trust - the more payments received from the faucet the more trust "ticks" it gets (up to three).
Claim value - how much the faucet is paying per claim. The stars are assigned after converting the average claim value to a common currency (e.g. USD). Therefore it is useful in comparing faucets that are paying in different coins.
🆕 - new faucet, created in the past 7 days.
"default" order - by default faucets are ordered by their earning potential, which is how much can you actually earn with it. How is it different from the "claim value"? Some faucets have high claim value, but they do not allow many claims per day, so their earning potential may be low. On the other hand, some faucets may have relatively low claim value, but allowing a lot of claims per day makes them actually very profitable for their users.

Need more faucets?

This website is focused only on tested FaucetPay faucets that don't require signing up. I have received payments from every single one of them in the past 24 hours. If you however want to explore other faucets by yourself, check FaucetMonitor.com. Faucet Monitor has detailed information on about 2433 different faucets.

Why this faucet list is the best in the world?

My goal was to make a perfect Bitcoin and altcoins faucet list, that I would happily use by myself. I was tired of outdated lists full of crappy ads. Here is why this faucet list is the best:

  1. Only faucets that don't require registration. Earn cryptocurrency quickly and easily.
  2. Only paying faucets. No payment in the last 24 hours? The faucet is removed!
  3. It is automatically updated. Come back often for new faucets.
  4. It is clean and easy to use. No annoying ads. No malware.

But wait, there is more! You can earn additional income by sharing FaucetList.top with others.

Promote FaucetList.top and earn more

Do you like this website? Share it with your friends and earn more from referral commissions. Just use this link:


How it works? Your Bitcoin address will be added to faucets listed here, so that you earn commission from every visitor that decides to use these faucets. The commissions are paid by the faucets, directly to your FP account.

Your referral link will be used in 50% of the links to faucets, chosen randomly. The other 50% of links will be my referral links, to cover the cost of this website (hosting, programming, updating, etc.).

Why should you promote FaucetList.top instead of creating your own website? There are several good reasons:


Faucet owners

Are you a faucet owner and want your faucet to be listed here? It is very easy. Here is how it works:

  1. You faucet needs to be sending payments using FaucetPay.
  2. Once it starts sending payments to users, it is going to be detected and listed on FaucetMonitor.com.
  3. Once it start sending payments to me (e.g. referral commisions) it will get listed on this website.

The whole discovery proccess is fully automated, so you don't even need to contact me (but feel free to do so, if you have any questions!).


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